The Prophecy of Light and Shadow is a prophecy shared by Lumeon, the Keeper of Light. It foretells the return of Umbrath, the Keeper of Shadows, and his eventual defeat by the Hero of Light.

The Prophecy

For thousand years, he has been waiting,
Imprisoned deep inside the ground.
Thousand shadows are arising,
Soon he will be breaking out.

When the sky is turning darker,
Deepest night on brightest day,
Descending from the highest heavens,
Come to make the monsters pay:

Brightest light in deepest darkness,
Fearlessly, he braves the night.
No tribe could beat the mighty powers
He will use to win the fight.

When the bane has been defeated
And the last tears have been cried,
All the tribes will come together
In unity beneath his light.

Note: Probably not the final English version.

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