Tanzanite (German: Tansanit) is a guard of the Ore Tribe. During the events of Sky of Stone, he is under the influence of a shadow stone, making him a serious threat to Geb, Iris, and Sedna. He accompanies them to Spectralia's cave bottom, where he is severely injured by Alastor, and eventually dies from these wounds.



Two months before the events of the main series, Tanzanite's companion fell into the abyss. Tanzanite, refusing to believe his companion was dead without evidence, climbed down into the pit. There, he found the black stone, and Amethyst said that he returned changed and more aggressive.

Sky of Stone

Tanzanite is first shown defending his tribe against Geb, Sedna, and Iris, although he does it by almost killing Iris. Before he does, however, Heimdall stops him and suggests taking the group to Enki. On the way, Tanzanite is angered by Geb asking about minerals having to do with names of the tribe, thinking that the Earth Elm disrespected them. Again, Heimdall stops the conflict.

Once they meet Enki, Tanzanite is assigned to guard the group while Shimmer is being healed and is given permission to kill if he considers it necessary. Tanzanite accepts, and brings the group to Amethyst, his wife and a healer. Amethyst sends him out grocery shopping, mostly to get him out of the way of her work. She also tells Iris to leave, so that she wouldn't have to watch Shimmer's toe being removed.

When Iris and her friends travel to the lower tunnels, despite Amethyst's warnings, they hear Tanzanite threatening a boy, Karzelek, telling him to scream for help or else he would hurt him and his companion. Iris and Sedna run to fight him off, but Tanzanite collapses the tunnel. However, during the fight, Iris grabbed his black stone, which he used mainly as a weapon. She shows it to Amethyst, who tells them about Tanzanite's past.

Iris and Sedna go to tell Chief Enki about what happened, and Enki gives them permission to search the pit and find out about Tanzanite's black stone, with the condition that Tanzanite accompanies them. They decide to go the next day, in order to get rest before then. While Iris is sleeping, she hears footsteps, which belong to Tanzanite trying to retrieve his black stone. After a small tussle, Iris lies, saying she doesn't have his stone, and informs him about their mission.

The next day, they go down to the pit along with Beryl. At the bottom, their lights are extinguished and they are left in utter darkness for a moment. Stonebreaker roars, making the darkness even more frightening. When the lights turn on again, Tanzanite is shown with five deep slashes across his chest. Heimdall checks that Tanzanite is still alive, and Khya and Alastor appear. Alastor goads Tanzanite over the loss of his companion, and Tanzanite hatefully replies that if he had his stone, he would kill the shadow. Alastor gleefully reveals that Iris had the stone, and Tanzanite tries to attack Iris to retrieve it. Halfway to her, he dies.


Tanzanite has a large build due to his Ore Tribe ethnicity and an overall blue hue- thus his name "Tanzanite."


Tanzanite is pugnacious and aggressive after finding his black stone, shown by how easily he attacks Geb and Iris.

Companion and Magic

Tanzanite's companion has died, yet he still remains a guard up until his death.

Family Tree




Amethyst is Tanzanite's wife. She seems to know him very well, and he isn't aggressive towards her and obeys her.


Iris and Tanzanite hated each other from the moment they met. Iris hates that Tanzanite was assigned to be their guard, and says that he would probably push her into the abyss just out of spite. Tanzanite dies trying to attack her and retrieve his stone.


"Give ... give it back to me ... thief ..." - Tanzanite's last words

"I ... I hate you... I would ... I would kill you. If I had my ... stone ... " - to Alastor


  • Tanzanite is the blue variety of the mineral Zoisite.

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