Sun of Shadows is the third book in the Elysian Elements series.


After a terrible defeat, Geb, Iris, and Karzelek are out on the open ocean, without a sign of their friends or any hope of finding the prophesied Hero of Light in time. But when their ship is attacked by the Shadows, the companions receive unexpected aid – and an incredible opportunity. If the rumors are true, it is them who are meant to defeat Umbrath; a group of Elmen from every tribe. However, even with their friends from Zesto, they would only be six, two Elmen short of fulfilling the prophecy. And there is only one place where they can find those missing: They need to head north, to a continent caught in a terrible war... and inhabited by Elmen unlike any other.

In the lands of the Ice Tribe, nothing is what it seems. As the days grow shorter and the Shadows more powerful, time is running out for Iris and Geb. Are they and their friends really enough to stop a Keeper – or will their interference be what dooms their world?

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Part 1: Light


Part 2: Ice


Part 3: Shadow





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Sun of Shadows Chapters
 Prologue  Prologue
 One: Light  1: Out at Sea2: Last Chance3: Arrival4: An Incredible Discovery5: Without Wings6: Lumeon7: Stars and Scales8: Breaking In9: Decisions
 Two: Ice  10: The Stormy Sea11: Thick Fur12: Five13: Ice and Fire14: Light and Shadow15: A Tooth for a Tooth16: Of Past and Future17: The Truth
 Three: Shadow  18: Secret Keepers19: Eclipse20: Chosen21: Last Words
 Epilogue  Epilogue