Spectralia is a city in northeastern Xiro that is inhabitated by the Ore Tribe. It is the tribe's capital city, as its chief, Heimdall, resides here.




The tunnels within the Blade Mountains lead to the top, not the bottom, of the city. It is built into a massive round cave underground, in the middle of which stands a rock, known as the pillar, that connects the top and bottom of the cave. The outer walls of the city are covered in minerals of all possible colors, forming a color circle that then fades into gray and white. Stairs, paths and openings are carved into the stone cliffs, the walls themselves are the main component of the city. Each color area of the walls is connected to the pillar with a massive stone bridge decorated with minerals of the respective color.

The Pillar


The Lower Tunnels


The Bottom





Sky of Stone


Known Inhabitants

Currently in town:

Currently out of town:

  • Karzelek, warrior apprentice (searching for the Hero of Light)

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