Iris is a noonborn merchant apprentice of the Tribe of Sky and, together with Geb, one of the protagonists of Elysian Elements. The two of them go on a journey to find the Hero of Light that is foretold to save Elysia from the Shadows.




Sky of Stone



Iris has bright blue feathers, befitting her being a noonborn Sky Elmin. She wears several necklaces and other accessories, including a necklace with her blue elemental stone. She also takes a messenger bag with her wherever she goes.


Iris is a stubborn and rambunctious Sky Elmin.

Companion and Magic

Iris is unusually skilled in wind related magic, as can be seen when she summons and amplifies air currents. Her Companion, Shimmer the magpie, is capable of aiding her with this, as can be seen when they carry Iris and Sedna successfully to the Claws.



Iris is close friends with this Earth Elm and the first to band with him.


These two have a rather venomous relationship, though have reached mutual understanding in the past.


Iris was close childhood friends with Zephyr, who is hinted to have romantic feelings regarding her.


While she is not as close to Karzelek as Geb, she likes him well enough and sympathises with him, seen when she helps Geb convince Karzelek's mother, Beryl, to let him join their group.


Sabazios is Iris's mentor, something neither of them really approve of. He hates her for ruining the perfect(ly strict) relationship he has with Zephyr, his nephew, and because she isn't of higher blood. He constantly tries to improve her manners; however, she continues to put up a rather rebellious attitude around him. Still, when Sabazios reveals how all his questionable actions during Sky of Stone were because of her misbehavior, she can't help but feel incredibly guilty after hearing Caelus's intended punishment.


Iris grew up with him at the Claws, as a member of the Crows. He seems to be frustrated at her leaving the group to go with Zephyr (and is perhaps jealous of him), and Iris apparently pushes her memories aside, but when they reunite in Sky of Stone, they are still shown to have a special kind of chemistry.


The two of them have a rather hate-based relationship ever since their first encounter involved Tanzanite nearly killing her (on purpose). He distrusts her more than her friends and she returns these feelings, constantly pointing out that he'd kill them the first chance he gets. However, when she watches him die as he tries to attack her, she is still shown to feel bad for him, given the circumstances of his death.


"Pigeon goo!"


  • Iris is a messenger goddess of Greek mythology, whose partner is the wind god Zephyr(us).

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