Elysia is the planet the Elmen species inhabits and the sole setting for the Elysian Elements series. It is hinted at to have been founded on the remains of Earth.





A wide variety of biomes can be found throughout Elysia, such as:

  • Dark green- forest
  • Light green-
  • Pale yellow-



  • Brown: Earth Tribe; middle and southern Xiro
  • Red: Fire Tribe; northern Zesto
  • Light Blue: Tribe of Sky; northwestern Xiro, Fuocith's Teeth in Zesto
  • Dark Blue: Water Tribe; southern Zesto, some islands off northern Zesto and eastern Xiro
  • Violet: Ore Tribe; northeastern Xiro
  • Fluorecent Yellow: Lightning Tribe; the Floating Islands in the Stormy Sea
  • Ice Blue: Ice Tribe; the Land of Eternal Ice
  • Green: Forest Tribe; middle Zesto; some northern settlements
  • Yellow: Tribe of Light; the Plain of Lumeon in the Sea of Clouds
  • Gray: Shadows; Crescent Isle off southern Xiro