Chiefs are the Elmen that rule over their respective tribe. They can be of either gender and, with the exception of the Ore Tribe's chiefs prior to Sky of Stone, do not have to be related to the current chief to be appointed. Instead of an Elm's normal white markings, those of a chief take on a different color.


Little is known about the appointment of chiefs. As seen in the books, the position is not exclusive to either gender, and it appears that anyone considered worthy by the current chief can become their successor.

Special Cases

Ore Tribe

Up to Enki's rule, the chiefs of the Ore Tribe were chosen purely biologically. The rainbow-colored horns of its first chief, Opal, were genetically dominant, passing on to her descendants. Befitting the tribe's general way of matching the vocations with the color of Elm horns, only those with rainbow horns could become chief.

This, however, changes in Sky of Stone, when Enki realizes his faults and makes Heimdall his successor.



Known Chiefs

Earth Tribe

Fire Tribe

  • Gerra (Ember Horns, general tribe)
  • Kamar (Scorch Dragons)

Tribe of Sky

Water Tribe

  • TBA

Ore Tribe

Lightning Tribe

  • TBA

Ice Tribe

  • TBA

Forest Tribe