Carnelian (German: Karneol) is a warrior of the Ore Tribe and the father of Karzelek. He is mentioned in Sky of Stone, but does not formally appear.


Sky of Stone

Karzelek talks about him when he is exploring the lower tunnels with Geb. Carneol is not mentioned by name, but it is revealed that he is a warrior and has high expectations for his son. Karzelek is afraid of disappointing him.

Later, when the group is leaving the caves, Karzelek arrives with a sword that is way too big for him. Heimdall is annoyed by Beryl's stubborness, but Karzelek insists on taking his father's weapon with him. It is then that Heimdall mentions Carneol's name for the first time, and he eventually manages to convince Karzelek to have the sword stay in Spectralia.

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  • Carnelian is a red-white to orange-white mineral.