Aricel is the Keeper of Sky and thus the Keeper most worshipped by the Tribe of Sky. She is said to reside on the Peak of Aricel, but has not made a formal appearance in the books as of yet.



When Umbrath turned against Lumeon a thousand years ago, Aricel combined her magic with that of the other Keepers to lock Umbrath away in a deep sea prison south of Xiro. After that, the four Keepers each created one tribe; Aricel's being the Tribe of Sky. Since then, she is in charge of this tribe's vocation ceremony.

Sky of Stone

Iris remembers her vocation ceremony when Geb mentions the Pit of Terrai. She doesn't know how to imagine the Keeper of Earth and pictures Aricel instead. She comes to the conclusion that Terrai must be far less graceful than the bird.

On their way to Enki, Geb prays to Terrai to take care of Shimmer's health, and then wonders whether Terrai holds any power over birds in the first place, so he sends the same request to Aricel.

Aricel is mentioned along with the other Keepers when Terrai tells Geb and Karzelek of Umbrath, as well as during Enki's retelling of the Ore Tribe's creation.

As they leave Spectralia, Geb tells Iris that Terrai had suggested to ask the other Keepers for help in finding the Plain of Lumeon. Iris knows that the Peak of Aricel is only several day's travels away, and Sedna agrees that this place should be their next destination.

In both the night before Geb and Iris's trial and the epilogue in Sabazios's sky hole, Khya uses Aricel against him by reminding him that the Keeper had never seemed to care much about him. This always makes Sabazios mad and causes him to defend Aricel.

When Sabazios's connection to the Shadows is revealed during the trial, Caelus sentences him to staying in a sky hole for the rest of his life. Since North Star had not committed any crimes, Caelus decides to send him back to Aricel in order for her to reverse the bonding process. However, Zephyr is able to prevent this soon after by asking Iris and the others to take North Star to the Beak Bay instead, until his father has managed to free Sabazios. There, the group decides to travel to Zesto instead of to Aricel, in order to ask that continent's Keepers (mostly Fuocith) for help.

Forest of Flames


Sun of Shadows