Alisanos is a guard of the Earth Tribe as well as the captain of Sunstone's city guard.


Sky of Stone

Geb visits him after deciding that someone needs to take care of the Shadows. Alisanos is seen regarding a map of Sunstone when Geb enters, and hardly looks up at him as they speak. He only does so when Geb mentions the Shadows to him, and explains his plan of trying to pinpoint the location of the Shadows' next attack, claiming that it's "all they can do". When Geb attempts to contradict him, Alisanos snaps at the boy, almost unleashing his elemental powers (he isn't able to, as his companion isn't there). Frustrated, he tries to calm himself down, telling Geb that he and the rest of the guard are already doing everything they can to stop them. He orders Geb to join Emesh at the north gate of the city, which he immediately does.


Much like the rest of his tribe, Alisanos appears to only wear light clothing, since Geb thinks about his markings already covering almost his entire body and about the armor-like skin on his back. He has dark brown eyes.


Alisanos cares deeply about his tribe, doing everything in his power to prevent the Shadows from taking more of the city's Elmen. His inability to stop them frustrates him deeply, and he doesn't want to admit that this problem is out of his control, making him all the more irritated when Geb brings it up to him.

Companion and Magic

Nothing is known about his companion so far, except that it is alive. Alisanos seems to be prone to accidentally unleashing his powers when angered, which might be why he doesn't keep his companion around.



He doesn't seem to take Geb seriously, as he makes remarks about better pay and Geb's interest in food before even letting the boy finish his statement. However, even when snapping at him about the Shadows, he does his best to calm down afterwards, showing that he does care about him at least a bit.


"Look at this map. These are all the places where someone has disappeared without a trace in the last few nights. I'm trying to find the places where they'll hit next, so I can use more of my men there. That's all we can do." - to Geb about the Shadows

"Don't you contradict me!" - snapping at Geb


  • Alisanos is a god of Celtic mythology. He is the patron god of the city of Alesia and his name comes from the Celtic word for "rock".